COVID-19 Guidance for cleaning your Canon

 COVID-19 Guidance for Cleaning your Canon Devices

FAQ ID: L00000830
Release date: 19 March 2020

As part of our ongoing support service, our engineers will endeavor to thoroughly clean a customer's device, once they have completed their work.
Thereafter, we advise that the cleaning guidelines provided in the device manual are followed.

During the current situation of COVID-19, many customers have been asking for advice on the safest way to clean the most frequently touched areas of their devices. Therefore, Canon recommends the below-cleaning instructions.

Please note: These cleaning guidelines do not guarantee the elimination of the Coronavirus from your devices. The effectiveness, or alcohol-based cleaners, should be checked with the manufacturer.
  • Follow the required shut down process and disconnect the device from the mains supply before cleaning.
  • Use a soft cloth soaked with an alcohol-based cleaner for disinfection. Wipe the device parts which users may touch, such as the numerical keys on operation panels, touch screens, covers, and handles.
  • Never spray alcohol, or any other disinfectants directly on areas where liquids may enter the device, such as the edges of touch screens or numerical keys. Be sure not to drip any liquid onto these areas.
  • Depending on the type of alcohol or wiping method used, the printer exterior may become discolored or lose color, however, the printer function will not be affected.
  • Please note that some commercial products such as wet wipes may contain non-alcoholic compositions and therefore are not recommended for use.
  • Canon does not recommend any brand or manufacturer of alcohol-based cleaning products. However, it is recommended to use a cleaning product that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Please note that alcohol is a flammable liquid, therefore it should never be used near a fire.
  • Do not use alcohol-based cleaning products on image sensors for cameras or video lenses, as these have an external coating that could be damaged.

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